Our services are geared towards providing cutting-edge and exceptional custodial services to meet our clients’ needs

Since inception, we have lived up to and exceeded our responsibilities. This feat is made possible by our highly motivated staff and deployment of state-of-the-art technology in service delivery.

Our services span through all processes of pension assets administration: Safekeeping of Pension Assets, Contribution Administration, Trade Settlement, Corporate Actions, Benefits Administration, Proxy Voting, Performance Measurement and Analytics, and Compliance Monitoring and Regulatory Reporting.

Safekeeping of Pension Assets

We ensure that all securities and assets are immediately available for delivery of our clients’ instruction. Our vault management allows for easy retrieval of physical title documents



Performance Measurement and Analytics

Statistical analysis on clients’ investments are provided and compared this with specific benchmark portfolios as specified by PenCom e.g. the Nigerian All-Share Index. Furthermore, we provide performance attribution analysis and risk-adjusted performance measurement using our IT solution. This enables the client determine what risks the investment manager is taking and compare actual return versus the risk taken by the manager.

Corporate Actions

We protect the funds’ rights and entitlements in any corporate action declared – mergers, take-over, dividend, right issues, bonus issues and stock splits.



Proxy Voting Services

Ensure clients are aware of all meetings (AGM’s, EGM’s) and clients’ voting instructions are executed correctly and on time.

Benefits Administration

We process benefit of all exit types as approved by the National Pension Commission while ensuring timeliness of such benefit payments



Trade Settlement

Our processes ensure efficient cash management thereby eliminating failed trades and losses to the fund

Compliance Monitoring and Regulatory Reporting

We report to National Pension Commission on matters relating to the assets and funds being held on behalf of our Clients at such interval as may be determined, from time to time, by the Commission.



Contribution Administration

We receive pension contributions from employers and process same for timely crediting of employees’ retirement savings accounts.