We go to great lengths to source, attract, recruit, develop and retain the best talents. Wherever they may be.
At UBA Pensions, we strongly believe that our people are critical to our success in building a sustainable and dominant business. We go to great ends to source, attract, recruit, develop and retain the best talents where-ever theymay be. To this end, we are always striving to:



Performance Management

UBA Pensions runs a robust goal-driven Performance Management System which measures each employee’s performance against carefully defined targets, their level of team-work and the organization’s performance. We strive to ensure that every employee understands how he contributes to the organization’s bottom-line. Asides measuring performance, our performance management system seeks to reward Role Model performance accordingly while at the same time, helping least performing Staff to get better on the job.

Compensation And Rewards

UBA Pensions strives to be among the top-tier industry competitor in terms of compensation. We understand the powerful impact rewards can have in motivating role-model employees and teams, and thus strive to provide monetary and non-monetary rewards accordingly..



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